Poker Basics: Playing the turn and river

After the flop, there are still two community cards – the turn and the river, each followed by a round of betting. Before placing a bet, ask yourself the question: should I see these cards or not? Usually the answer is simple – you should only continue playing 96ace คาสิโน if:

  • You think you have the best hand
  • You are missing one card from making the best hand

In early position

  • If you are confident that one of your opponents will place a bet, skip first, then raise later
  • If you think your opponent will miss a move, place a bet

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When the hand doesn’t get better

The turn failed? You need to weigh the odds of the pot versus the odds of getting the required card on the river. If things don’t go well, it’s time to fold.

Reading opponents

Even if the turn doesn’t do you any good, you can still get a chance to win if the turn doesn’t do good to the rest of the players. How do you recognize this?

  • If you raise and some of the players raise your bet, it usually means that they have a set, or a straight (that is, time for you to fold).
  • If you are the first to bet and someone raises your bet, then that player may have a pair that you can beat if you have a higher pair.

Playing a six-hand game? In this case, most players raise their bets on the turn much more often without having good hands – watch them.

Play after the river

Once you’ve reached the river, the wait is over. You know your cards and it’s time to get the most out of them เว็บ คาสิโนออนไลน์.

Plan A

Do you have the cards you need? Sumptuously. It’s time to place your bets. Chances are that your opponent will call, even if he suspects his hand will be beaten.

In theory, you can skip a move in the hope that your opponent will raise. If this has not happened, then the game is not worth the trouble.

Plan B (what usually happens)

You have not received the card you want. This complicates matters.

You have a mediocre hand, or a high value pair with a mediocre kicker, and your opponent bets.

If the pot is small, you fold. But with such a large amount in it, it’s not easy. If you call and lose the game, it means losing another big bet. If you leave the table and your opponent wins by bluffing, you will execute yourself.

Rule of thumb: If you have even the slightest suspicion that your opponent is bluffing, you should call. Don’t get rid of a hand unless you are 100 percent sure your opponent is bluffing.

If one places a bet and the other calls, the odds are high that one of them has a good hand. Therefore, in this situation, we advise you to fold.

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